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This innovative Erasmus+ social-innovation sport project based on collective “movement” activity and competition.


Project Coordinator | Italy

L’Orma is an educational agency that develops and offers sportive / expressive training experience based on non-formal education aimed at stimulating personal and professional growth of children, teenagers and adults. Its local activities include school laboratories, summer camps, trainings and it also participates in various EU projects such as collaborative partnerships, training courses, adult education, Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Program, EVS/ESC, pilot-project sport and strategic partnerships.


Partner | Bulgaria

Bulgarian Sports Development Association was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria!

Main priorities of BSDA:

  • Reviving sport culture;
  • Volunteering in sport;
  • Education through and in sport;
  • Good governance in sport;
  • Integration through sport;
  • Skills of the future and entrepreneurship.


As sport is about ambition, emotion and inspiration initiated by the people for the people, the sector should be based on the personal convictions of decision-makers for integrity, dedication and fairness as well as on the principles of “fair play”, team-work, discipline, equal start and non-discrimination. We believe that sport should be part of a modern life of children and young people and should transmit in them all those values and support their use in all aspects of life. Sport is also be a excellent way to prevent many of the problems with young people such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.

Our team is motivated, creative and full of innovative spirit that works for development of Bulgarian sport and enhance the sport culture in Bulgaria with a desire and motivation. BSDA membership is voluntary and the association involve both physical and legal persons who are willing to help sport development with time, ideas, effort or financial support. We also organize different events in the areas of: entrepreneurship, citizenship and active society. The team of the organization consists of professionals from different fields as: sport experts, media specialists, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing and others.


Partner | Greece

University of Thessaly, with 37 Departments, and 8 schools is a University with its own identity and witha prominentposition in our national educational system. University of Thessaly provides undergraduate andpostgraduate programs and extra-curricular modules in specific research and business fields, for over 43000students. The main mission of the University of Thessaly is the promotion of scientific knowledge throughresearch and the contribution to the cultural and economic development of the local community and widersociety. It is known for its excellent research performance and outstanding scientific achievements, inaccordance with the international standards.


Partner | Germany

NEST is an umbrella organization for promoting and execution of transnational mobility. The organization assists network partners to support adults/youth and functions as a hub for research and EU project design with a focus on impacting Berlin community, specifically the Wedding Neighborhood. The NGO co-operates with stake holding parties throughout Europe with the intent to exchange best practices in education, adult training and employability, as well as in social inclusion and disadvantaged urban / rural development projects–with the objective to represent a transnational hub for innovation inNGO best-practices & coordination schemes between NGOs and stakeholders in Europe.


Partner | Belgium

The European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI) is a non for profitEuropean association (ASBL) located in Brussels (BE).EPSI is a Membership-based network ing organization of Universities, Research Institutes, Clusters,Associations, Federations, Industries and SMEs which focuses on innovation in the area of physical activity/sport, related to Leisure, transport, education, tourism, environment, construction and health inEurope. In line with its Vision of “Leading Sport Innovation Globally”, EPSI strives for a more innovation-friendly environment to stimulate businesses development with a focus on the quadruple Helix: PublicAuthorities, Businesses, Academia and End Consumers.


Partner | Croatia

Dubrovnik sport’s Association-DSA (Dubrovački savez športova), allying all sports club in the city ofDubrovnik, is the promoter of the Programme of public sport programme co-funding in the City of Dubrovnik.DSA have the following basic duties: coordination of their member’s activities, fostering and promoting sport in accordance with the National sports development programme, specifically sports for children, youth, students, volunteers and person with disability; proposing programmes of public sports programme do-funded and taking active role in their development; taking active part in arrangements for important international sport evens; cooperation with Croatian Olympic Committee, Croatian Paralympic committee and Central State Office for Sport.