Welcome to the website of MCE!

This innovative Erasmus+ social-innovation sport project based on collective “movement” activity and competition.

IO1 “Multisport Community Index” (INDEX)

The “Multisport Community Index” is an algorithm aimed at identifying different categories of person according to their healthy lifestyle. This algorithm takes in consideration different factors: gender, age, culture, active participation in sport, and more. There are different categories of persons according to their healthy lifestyle.! The community game should stimulate everyone to be more active proportionally to his difficulty to do it on his own!

The algorithm is the base for the “Multisport Community Experience” Game. In the team composition each category receives a specific coefficient that multiplies the impact of the individual participation on the collective success of the community team.

This allowed to stimulate cooperation and active participation of different population in the game, generating a reversed dynamic respect to the usual competitive logic. Each team is invited to take into consideration the whole diversity of population in the local community, without focalizing only on the most sporting people, on the “strongest” athletes, on the “best” team members from a healthy lifestyle point of view. ! On the opposite, the individual vulnerability becomes a potential resource for the team, so that those who are less active physically speaking, instead of being considered as the handicap of the team, are considered as members on which it should be invested more passion, enthusiasm and energy!
Because the collective success depends on a “shared wellbeing”, which depends on the team intelligence (cognitively, physically, socially, emotionally speaking) that manages to make more people participating, share with them common activities and emotions in order to improve individual and collective wellbeing: in a word a “shared wellbeing”.


IO2 Multisport Community Experience, WEB PLATFORM/APP

The web platform is the main instrument of the “Multisport Community Experience” game. Through the platforms the participants access to the Index and register their team, getting points according to the composition of the team (based on different criteria) and the kind of sport activities that is implemented. The platform/App allows the audience to actively interact in the game design and in the preparation of the event.

Additionally, this platform has an educational purpose, containing video and educational material to practice sport activity. This material was realized by the sport coaches who participated in the international training event.

IO3 “Multisport Experience for community activation” (GUIDELINES)

The Guidelines “Multisport Experience for community activation” includes all the programs, activities, practices and results collected during the whole project. The specific actions included in this Action Plan was constituent features of an educational programme for Coaches (Ambassadors) as well as an “Action Plan” on how implement the program in a specific territory (from the beginning to the realization of the sport event). 

All these contents forms together a Manual for organizations with different profiles (sport clubs, NGOs, Municipalities, Universities).